Sunday, November 17, 2019

First order A perfect time to craft challenge

Surekha Galagoda

This is a stationery set i made and it was my first order and it was done for a daughter of one of my school time friends. Her preference was pastel colors.So i enjoyed doing this for her.The measurements for the set was from Maymay made it and i will link it below.

This is the inside of the box. I had to be very careful as the paper had to be pasted to ensure it showed properly.

 This is the box with the pocket for greeting cards.I added two pockets in front to insert note cards and gift tags.
 This is the set of greeting cards. I made the greetiing cards using scraps of pattern paper.
 this is one of the greeting cards with the accompanying envelope.

 The stack of greeting cards.

 The set of gift cards.

 The note book i put a ribbon belly band to attach it to the front of the box.
 The base of the box with the note book attached to the front. This also shows two note pads which i created with cut outs from making envelopes. I cut some beautiful flowers from a pattern paper to adorn the note books.

 This is the completed box with the custome made pen. I made the pen by cutting a pattern paper and wrapping it around the carbon and closed the lid. Then i put two loops with ribbon and attached it to the base of the front of the box. you can see the lid on the side.

 This is the Birthday card i made using the sweet Treats die from Pinkfresh Studio. I adhered a pattern paper which had presents as the first layer. Then the purple card was added as the next layer.I cut two layers of the base and added a pattern paper on top and adhered it to the card using double sided tape as i wanted to create dimension. I added cup cakes with double sided tape too. The sentiment i used was Happy Birthday.
 I used the small flower die to adorn the gift tags.
The lid of the box slids snugly and i tied a bow with a pink ribbon to complete the gift.

Before attaching the ribbon.

The box with the pink ribbon bow.
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Day 8 of the 30 Day coloring Challenge

Day 8 of the  30 day Coloring Challenge 

Dear Friends

May you be blessed always

As i said dearlier i inked a batch of roses and as and when i got time i colored them. I didnt want to bore you with another card so i thought of a novel way to use the flower. I have an old diary which i scribble about crafting and includes blog names, things to buy challenges i plan to take part etc. The cover of the diary peeled off and it looked very ugly.

Then i suddenly remembered something. I dont buy mod podge from stores but make it on my own as i cannot afford it.
I mix one part glue and one part water and mix ittogether to make the mod podge. I am sorry though i learnt it from a sweet crafter i dont have the link to her blog. Put glue first and then slowly add water. This is the perfect mix for tiles.  If there is remaining after your project is done put it into abottle and keep for later use.Then on to that you can paste a beautiful napkin. Please remember to peel off the layers and use the pattern layer only.
So i thought why not use the same technique.  When using it on books please  mix one and a half parts of glue and one part water otherwise it is too runny. I applied that and then pasted the napkin. As i love blue i chose a blue colour napkin but as one layer was not sufficient i added another layer without using another layer of glue as i felt that there was enough glue to paste the second layer too. Then i smoothened it and kept to dry.

Then i brushed it with a coat of varnish using a paint brush.

The varnish i used. it was about $1.5 and you get 200 ml.

Then i adhered the blue color rose on to it and  I am happy with the outcome. Now my diary doesnt look boring any more.

Thank You and Happiness always
Surekha Galagoda

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Friday, November 15, 2019

Days 4,5,6,7 of the 30 day Coloring Challenge

Days 4,5,6,7 of the 30 day Coloring Challenge

Dear Friends

May you be blessed always
Day 4&5 I did the coloring but i did not have time to make a post. so today i finally got a chance to do the post.

I really enjoy coloring and already my friends say that i have improved a lot. Thanks a ton Kathy.
I am still coloring flowers and making them into cards as i want to get a grip of it before embarking on some other project. I used water colors sans the water on my third and fourth days. I slowly colored and tried to shade too. This is a card for my sisters Birthday. It is on the 28th of December.  So i layered a piece of green card stock onto which i adhered a red piece of cards stock to give the Christmassy feeling. Mum always says she was wrapped  in blankets as soon as she was born as it was very cold and she looked like asnow man as she is so fair. It is a happy memory. On to that i adhered the rose which i colored, using double sided foam tape to give dimension. I put a belly band to which i added a butterfly sticker. what is a rose without a butterfly. He he. I tried to add sparkle with the butterfly and the belly band.

Day 6 &7
On day 6,7 too i colored a rose using water colors and took the first step to blend the colors with water. I am happy with my outcome. I made the double delight fun fold card which i learnt from the kind hearted Lisa who explained everything in detail. It is easy to make though it looks complicated.

Take a pattern paper measuring 81/2 by 11 inches. . Then fold in half both ways and burnish with the bone folder. after that you can see four squares Take the right hand bottom corner and bring it to the crease line as a triangle. but please ensure to keep a wee bit of a gap. Then measure the top left hand corner as three inches and fold a triangle. from the left hand cut it to the centre on the fold line. after that you can assemble the card. I will link Lisas blog so that you can get a better idea watching her video. Afterafter folding it into a card you have to glue the bottom layer and the pockets too.
 This image shows the two folded traingles and the cut on the line to the centre.

.This image shows the card taking place and with one pocket. The piece on the left is folded and becomes the bottom and then the folded piece you see becomes the pocket.

 This is after both pockets were made. Isnt it easy peesy.
 The flower i colored using Colleen watercolor pencils and blended a little with water
Completed card with the big rose and the sentiment hugs
This is one card i made for my mom who is celebrating her 75th Birthday on 13th December.  I adhered the rose i colored using double sided foam tape and also the sentiment hugs which i die cut thrice. I inked it in purple to match the card This is my completed card. I am going to put a gift card in one pocket and a note card saying how greatful i am to have her in my life. I did these two cards early as i am planning to go to my children as soon as i get the visa and i cannot concentrate when i am in a hurry.
I inked a lot of images on one go and also made the card bases and kept which helped me a lot to save time.
I had a set of color pencils, crayons and water colors in one set but i never used it and my sister has given aways some color pencils of that set. Anyway taking the advice of Kathy I looked at my set differently and now i love it. I want to imrove my coloring and thanks a bunch Kathy for your kindness in organising the challenge and also sharing tips on coloring. I love all your coloring to the moon and back.
I tried to mix water colors and pencil colors in one project but it did not work.
Thank You and Blessings
Surekha Galagoda

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Thursday, November 7, 2019

coffee and Cup cake

Dear Friends

May your day be always blessed with kind thoughts

 2019 Fall Winter Coffee Lovers Blog Hop

I wanted to make it yesterday but i had to go and see my dear friend and sister Saumya who is after a operation on her wrist. She loves coffee and this card is dedicated to her. She is my tower of strength and the sister whom i can tell any thing and everything about. She is the one who looked after me for one month after my hysterectomy operation. She kept me in her home and looked after me like a Mother and big sister.  Her husband and son too was very kind to me and i never felt like a outsider in their home.Most importantly they are commited Christians and they give their unconditional love and care to anybody as God's children. Even their dog Bobby cared for me and never left me downstairs alone.

I knew that i didnt have any stamps or dies relating to Coffee tea etc but still i wanted to make a card. One of my dear friends gave me a gift of a mug for my Birthday in 2017. I didn't quite open it and wanted to  give it to somebody but never got a chance to do so.

 As it had a pen I thought i will use that and then i realised it had some cute images of cups, cupcakes etc and i just love cute images so i kept it.

And here is the perfect chance to use some cute images.
I got a white card base and adhered a brown card stock as the first layer. As i wanted to give the card a plaid look i took a pattern paper and adhered it to the brown card stock, Then i cut the sentiment Warm Wish too from the packaging and adhered double sided tape to give it dimension. I fussy cut the cup and that too was adhered using double sided tape. The coffee pot too is a pattern paper I fussy cut two images and adhered them together using liquid glue. both of them were also adhered to the plaid layer using double sided foam tape. I always think that cup cakes go with coffee. Nutty me. So i die cut a cup cake using the Sweet Treats die from Pinkfresh Studio. I colored it using the markers Mango Smoothie and cotton Candy . It is a Artist Marker Starter set from AltE New and i got it as a gift for taking part in a blog Hop.(Shh don't tell anybody those are the only markers i have.Lol)  Thank You Alt E New. I also put some dots using a white gel pen to give the effect of frosting. Then i adhered it to the plaid base. This is my tiny little card. I didn't spend anything and i am happy as crafting is all about happiness. It was made with a lot of Love and care. To add the bling to the card i made a ribbon bow and adhered it to the card using liquid glue.

I have a scissor which cuts like butter for fussy cutting and i never use it for anything else. I bought it at a pavement in Colombo.
Before adhering the images at once i placed them in various angles and adhered it once i was satisfied. I really helped to get a better look.

Sorry ladies i am not good at taking photographs . Please bear with me until i get my friend too teach me about photography.
With lots of Love and Blessings
Surekha Galagoda

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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Congratulations and Celebrations

Surekha Galagoda

Hi Dear friends
May your day be as beautiful as you are

This is my simple card I made to congratulate Stamplorations on thier 6th Birthday.
I took a white card base and adhered a rose themed pink pattern paper as a layer. On to that i adhered a rose which i colored using Colleen water Color pencils sans water.

 I used yellow, black and a hint of red and fussy cut using my scissors which i keep only for fussy cutting. from the same pattern paper i fussy cut three butterflies and adhered them together for dimension. I adhered the rose using double sided foam tape as i wanted dimension. Then i added the butterfly to show it is coming to land on teh flower. The sentiment Congrats is a die cut i got as a gift from Simon Says  Stamp and it cuts like butter. Thank You. I cut it using glitter foam as i wanted the card to be fulll of happiness as it is a great milestone for Stamplorations. This is my simple card. Hope you like it.

Blessings and Thank You
Surekha galagoda

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Day 2 and 3 of the 30 day coloring Challenge

Day 2 and 3 of the 30 day coloring Challenge

Dear Friends
Day 2 and three Surerkha GalagodaBlessings to all of you who visit my blog.
I colored two large roses and made it into cards.
As i said earlier i stamped some roses in one go and kept so that i dont have to bother with it every time i want to color.
Yesterday i made some card bases so now i have everything handy and i will only have to color and adhere them to the card bases.
I colored these two flowers using Colleen water Color pencils. The colors used are orange, red two shades and black. Today i got a taste of blending and how they react.

I colored the flowers and fussy cut them. Then i made the card base and adhered it using double sided tape to give dimension. I attached the sentiment Faith by dye cutting it twice to give dimension. This card is a get well card but i just wanted to talk about Faith and not say Get well soon. I attached a small yellow color ribbon to get the bling to the card.

 This is a much clear image of the get well card.

This is the set of simple gift tags made.

This is the simple christmas card i made. I adhered a christmas themed pattern paper on to a card base. . Then i stamped the sentiment Merry Christmas twice and fussy cut it and adhered together. It was adhered to the base using liquide glue. Then i dye cut a rain deer in red and attached it to add bling to the card.

It is going to be a in a set of cards which includes a simple Christmas card, gift cards and note cards and enveloped too, reaching my mothers school friend domiciled in Canada. I made the gift cards to make aunty Shiranees life just a wee bit easy. She is 70+ years old and they recently got to know that her daughter is having breast cancer.
It is the most divastating fact for a parent to know that their children are sick. I also went though it when my daughter who was six months pregnant fell and brok her ankle in two. To this day that episode brings tears to my eyes as i know how helpless i felt as i couldnt bear her pain.  Anyway this is life. All of us face many challenges daily.

Thank you and Blessings
Surekha Galagoda

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Jo Williams 750 follower giveaway

Our crafty friend Jo Williams is trying to reach 750 followers. Let us all support her to meet it. Sweet as she is, is giving away a $100 Gift card to Amazon. Isnt it lovely to win it. Please support her.

Thank You and Blessings
Surekha Galagoda