Monday, May 20, 2019

Triangle happiness

Triangle Happiness

I cut a piece of card stock and folded it into two. Then I cut two triangles using pattern paper and pasted one on top and the other on the bottom.
At the place the two triangles met i pasted a small pink color butterfly. I used the clear stamp happiness and stamped it using blue color ink.
Tc Stay blessed. Love and Hugs

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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Happy Tee Day

Happy Tee Day Surekha GalagodaHappy Tee Day

This is the card i created for happy Tee Day

I took a piece of white card stock and pasted a flowery pattern paper on to it. I highlighted the  bottom border by cutting the shape. Then i highlihted some of the flowers in the pattern paper using a gold color gel pen.
I didnt have any tea cup dies or clear stamps. Therefore I found a picture of a tea cup, plate and a tea pot and cut into shape. Then i pasted everything onto the card using double sided tape.
The sentiment Happy Tee Day too was hand written.

This is the completed card.
 I love everything small be it flowers, tea cups, tea pots, birds or butterflies or even small critters i love them all.
Thank You for stopping by. Tc stay blessed always.

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This smile can at any time wipe away my tears and bring me happiness in a split second. It is the smile of my God given gift my precious angel, the one and only grand daughter of mine.
This scrap book page is the third gift i made for her seventh Birthday which falls on 1st August.
I took a blue color 12*12 inch card stock.It is from American crafts and the name is Ac Cardstock Carton/ Cartulina. Onto that i pasted a silver color stiped pattern paper leaving a border on top. Then i arranged the pictures in circle frames.
The main picture is a thoughtful face of her. I put it in the middle as I wanted to show her smile in all other pictures. The top left hand pic of hers is on her 1st day of school this year at Addington Primary School Christchurch New Zealand.
The top right hand is a picture of her at the beach. It was a rare treat for her as her mum is a full time student and part time chef. I hope you can see how happy she is.
The bottom left is her smiling face as she makes pancakes, she too wants to be a chef like her mum. and loves to help. 
The bottom right pic is her in school uniform.

All the pix are in circle frames and i was inspired by the scrapbook page done by Anett Gelencser..
The Smile die is from Pink Fresh Studio and i love it so much. I got it as a part of a gift for commenting on a blog hop. Thank You Pink Fresh studio. 

I cut the wordSsmile twice in white card stock and cut the smile die once again using a pattern paper using my cuttlebug die cutting machine. It is a gift from my daughter.
 Then i pasted it one on top of the other as i wanted to create a depth. The butterflies and the tiny rose with leaves are also cut from the same pattern paper. I stuck them to the scrapbook page using double sided tape.
Thank you for stopping by. TC Stay Blessed Always.

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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Stitch it

I made this tag using stitch it tag dies. I cut two tags and pasted one on top of the other.
Then i took a clear stamp with a sprig of flowers and stamped it on to the tag.Next I also stamped a butterfly as i thought what is the point of having flowers without a butterfly. Then I tied a blue color bow on to the white cardstock tag and made a small bow in cream and pasted it onto the small tag.
As this is one of the gifts for my grand daughter i pasted a silver color heart embellishment on the bottom right as she loves hearts and always says love heart. .I highlighted the sprig of flowers using Coleen watercolor pencils.
These are the things i used to make the tag.

Thank You for stopping by. Tc stay blessed always

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Friday, May 3, 2019

Up in the Sky

 My Angel Rashidas First Plane Ride

I wanted to make a scrapbook page of my grand daughters first plane ride but i never knew how to do it though  I got many ideas from the blogs of my crafty friends I decided to do a simple page since it is my first attempt.

I Took a 12*12 piece of dark pink card stock and drew a large heart using a gold glitter pen. I wanted to do my page inside a heart as she is the special person in my life.

Onto that I pasted a piece of 6*6 pattern paper. I wanted her picture to be a little elevated than the other pictures on the page.

The left side pocket has all our plane tickets while the right side pocket has a letter written by me explaining all the nitty gritties as i just only took one picture of her at the Changi Airport Singapore. 

Pasted a picture of a suitcase with her name on it. I also pasted a picture of a glove to show that she was travelling to a cold country.
Pasted two puffy flower stickers on the top left and right.
I also pasted tiny hearts using E6000 glue.
To depict dreams i created a border around her picture using butterflies cut from a pattern paper. I also pasted a picture of a plane to depict her plane ride To paste all the pictures i used pieces of double sided tape.

I am happy with the outcome as this is my first attempt. This will be the first gift my grand daughter Rashida will recive on her 7th Birthday which falls on 1st August 2019. I will paste a tissue paper to cover the entire page as it has to go on a long journey from Sri Lanka to reach her in Christchurch New Zealand.
Thank you for reading. Tc Stay blessed always. 

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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Follow Your Dreams

Earlier I never used a diary but of late it has become one of the things i cannot live without. At the start of the year I got a diary from my dear friend Chandrika but I knew that teh cover will come off if i dont do something as i use it so often. It is where i srite about my appointments, Work to do, craft challenges, wins my study plans. Oh it is full of stuff that i want. So i thought of giving it a new look.Below is a picture of the diary before a new look was given. 

I took some orange card stock and cut it to size and pasted so that it can handle all teh turning and flipping.  

this picture shows after the orange card stock was pasted. I didnt want to use white as i know that it will get dirty in no time due to the dusty conditions in Sri Lanka. Then a patten paper was pasted to cover 3/4 of the cover. The pattern paper had small flowers i highlighted some of them with a gold color glitter pen. 

Next i stamped the sentiment Follow Your Dreams in dark blue. I hope you can see it in the pictures. My diary is all about foolwing my dreams. That is the eason i stamped that sentiment.On teh left side of the sentment i pasted an orange and black color butterfly cut out from a pattern paper. I always related butteflflies with dreams.

On the bottom left too i pasted a pink color butterfly and finished off my diary cover. I like the look of it and thank God i dont have to worry about teh cover coming off. Ha ha

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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Stationery Set

                                   I cut this circle image with blooms and butterflies from a magazine page and pasted it onto a scolloped bloom cut in white card stock. This was pasted  on to the paper cupboard and the pattern paper Storage unit so that they become a set.

On top of the cupboard is the picture pasted on a flower die cut.This picture was cut from a magazine.

I hope you can see the image on the pattern paper storage unit.

I wanted to create a stationery set as i didnt have a place to keep my Card stock or the pattern paper I have. The orignial idea is from Dr Sonia My Craft Guru.  She is a talented crafter and  she has given a great explanation with a lot lof lovely pictures.Thank You my Guru.

The cupboard was made by pasting three boxes of the same size together. Then made a cover for it by cutting a piece of cardboard to cover all the boxes.

As you can see my cupboard has three shelfs. If you like you can increase the number of shelfs by adding boxes of the same size. Here I dont have any measurements to show as i just pasted three similar size boxes together.After covering it with pattern pattern paper fixed two magnets on either side , ie one on the door and the other on the side and connected them with a hair tie.You can see the lose hair tie and the two magnets below.

This is the front of the box                This is the side of the box which shows a magnet.

Once the frame work was in place  decorated it using puffy stickers, flowers made with paper and plastic, some packaging used to cover apples and magazine covers.

Took a white scolloped blooms  die cut and pasted a magazine cover by cutting a circle and pasting it in the middle of the white die cut. I made two of these and pasted one on top of the cupboard and the other on the pattern paper storage unit.

As i wanted to create a garden theme for the storage unit i cut a green color pattern paper and pasted at the bottom. For the cupboard  took a apple case and cut it in two and pasted it like a fence. I hope you can see it clearly in the third picture.  I pasted the flowers behind the fence. As it is a set i ensured that there was similarity but not much. Then decorated using flowers and leaves as well as puffy stickers with lady birds caterpillars birds and butterflies.
It can hold my card stock,envelopes and scraps. I am planning to keep the envelopes on top, card stock on the second and the third will hold scraps. I am organizing the card scraps at present. Once I figure out the best option will share with all of you my friends.
I didnt spend more than Rs 60 to make it. It was spent to buy the two pattern paper sheets to cover the units. Everything else was from my stash.Stationery set  Happy crafting

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